Jeff Jardine

Jeff Jardine: Old Modesto papers touch on great moments in history

From the emails, voice mails and other sources:

PAPER TRAIL – Every so often, people will bring in old newspapers they have found while cleaning out a room or attic or basement. The natural assumption, I suppose, is that we dinosaurs in the newspaper business still appreciate the old broadsheets, and they are correct.

Several weeks ago, Carol Willsonand Don Gerlach lugged in a box of old papers, most of which were Modesto Bees or its predecessor, the Modesto News-Herald. I finally got time to thumb through them, and what a window of history they delivered. Some of the dates and headlines:

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In 85 years, you’ll still be able to find out what happened today by going onto the Internet or whatever replaces it. But it won’t have the feel, smell and antiquity of those brittle old broadsheets. Thanks, Carol and Don, for the flashbacks and history lessons.

VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN – Kelli and Arianna Tanghe of Modesto have been running as a mother/daughter disabled racing team for nearly two years. Arianna, 14, has cerebral palsy and visual impairment. Using a custom running chair, Kelli has pushed Arianna across the finish line in 28 races, including 17 half-marathons, a full marathon and several 5K events.

“Our mission is to inspire and encourage assisted athletes to participate in endurance racing,” mom Kelli said.

They’ve been featured previously on The Huffington Post, Women You Should Know and other online sites. Now they are in a different type of event. The Tanghes entered a photo of themselves in the Runner’s World Cover Contest, with the winners in male and female divisions getting future cover shots.

Visitors can go to the Runner’s World contest site and vote for their favorites to determine the finalists, with voting ending Aug. 15. Then, around Aug. 26, a panel from the magazine will choose the winners in each category.

“It isn’t about winning,” Kelli wrote in an email. “It’s about having a mother/daughter disabled racing duo on the leaderboard.”

FREQUENT RIDER MILES – Kim Cercle-Kent knows all too well every mile of the road between Marsing, Idaho, and Modesto. She has made the trip weekly for years to work with disabled children and young adults at the Care-Ousel therapeutic riding program. This driving thing among the horse culture must be contagious.

A few years ago, Crystal Petralli moved to Modesto and brought her business, Cornerstone, with her. She gives equestrian hunter and jumper riding lessons at a facility behind Modesto Feed on McHenry Avenue. But she also maintains her school in Saratoga, near San Jose and 92 miles away. It’s not Idaho, but it is time consuming.

“(Cercle-Kent’s) makes my drive look like a walk in the park,” Petralli said. Petralli is conducting summer camps here in town. Visit for more information.

EVEN IN A DROUGHT – The cliché that the best way to get it to rain is to wash your car is alive and well. Took mine and my wife’s through the car wash Sunday afternoon. Of course, it sprinkled Monday morning.

The same theory apparently applies to RVs, having watched a gent a block away give his travel trailer a pressure washing Sunday evening.

AUTHOR! AUTHOR! – Wes Van Vuren, raised in Escalon and a longtime school teacher in Ripon, has published “What Goes Up,” a novel based on the complexities of growing up. The book, priced at $16.55, is available at Amazon Books and other online booksellers.

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